Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

This ancient holistic massage originated from India where mothers would traditionally practice on their daughters.

Indian Head Massage is part of the practice of medicine called Ayurveda which aims to promote long life & balance the body's energies. There are very many benefits to Indian Massage here are just a few:

  • Reduces stress & tension resulting in better sleep
  • Relieves symptoms of depression & anxiety through relaxation
  • Renews & balances energy levels by working with the three higher chakras
  • Prevents headaches & migraines by releasing built-up tension in the head & neck.

40 minutes- £25

The treatment

Starting with the shoulders any tension will massaged away, moving upwards to the neck releasing any held stress. This is followed by a firm scalp massage along the acupressure points on the head, finishing with a light massage of the ears & acupressure on the face & forehead. Clients can choose from a range of pre blended therapeutic grade aromatherapy massage oils from Neal's Yard Remedies to enhance the holistic benefits of this treatment.

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